Financial Management Software Expertise

Build Better Finance Processes

We are a boutique accounting software advisory services firm focused on providing strategic accounting process advice and technology implementation services to help you achieve increased efficiency, more robust controls, better visibility and improved reliability throughout your entire accounting department and finance operations.

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Services for Private Equity and Alternative Investments Companies

If you are focused on private equity funds, hedge and credit funds, family offices, real estate, oil and gas, or all the above, we can help architect business processes and implement technology solutions to transform the way you run your business. Madken Advisors has significant accounting advisory experience implementing solutions for these unique and challenging industries.

Financial Management Software Advisory Services for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Madken Advisors will migrate your small or medium-sized business onto more robust software whether it is for accounting, payroll, expense reporting, CRM software or another area of your operations.  We develop integrations between your systems to create more efficient and reliable processes and build reporting and dashboards to give you visibility into the key metrics for your business.

We Collaborate With Your Team To:

Choose and deploy the best software solutions and strategies for your business.

We Collaborate With Your Team To:

Streamline your business processes.

We Collaborate With Your Team To:

Provide insights into industry best practices.

We Collaborate With Your Team To:

Ensure you have the training and on-going support needed to be successful.

Realize a Greater Return on Investment

If you are a private equity firm, alternative investment firm, or small to medium-sized company that has reached the limit of your current financial management software and need assistance transforming your operations, we are here to help you through the entire process and realize a return on your investment with our accounting software advisory services.

Leave the Project Management to Us

Our mission is to make the transformation process as turn-key as possible for your company.  In many cases, the success of new software implementation projects hinges on them interfering as little as possible with your ongoing, day-to-day tasks. Our commitment is to take on the heavy lifting to move your project forward, which will enable your team to continuing running your business.

If you are ready to explore how Madken Advisors can help you, please contact us today to set up a meeting.