Alternative Assets

Madken Advisors has extensive experience implementing solutions in the unique and complex alternative assets industry. Often the complexities of this industry — including multi-layer investment strategies, complicated investor allocation requirements, and unique partnership agreement provisions – make communicating technology requirements difficult.

We have significant hands-on accounting, application development and support, and report development experience in this industry. We leverage this experience to communicate with you and document your needs, so we can design and deploy the best solution to fit the needs of your alternative assets business, significantly improving the usual implementation process.

One often over-looked function in the alternative assets industry when completing conversions is the management company, largely because it behaves more like an operating company than an investment company. In many cases the accounting is left on the legacy system and continues to struggle with manual processes, poor visibility and weak controls. Madken Advisors has helped many businesses like yours transition their management companies onto more robust technology that can then be integrated with other solutions to improve internal operations.

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Small to Medium-sized Business / Other Industries

Madken Advisors has significant experience helping companies from a wide range of industries migrate onto more robust technology solutions and improve business processes as their companies outgrow their current systems.

If you are a start-up, you’re more focused on getting the company off the ground than building efficient and scalable operations. However, as the company begins to grow, those types of systems can start to weigh you down.

Madken Advisors specializes in helping small to medium businesses that have outgrown their current processes and systems. We will either redesign existing processes to make better use of your current technology or design and implement a new technology ecosystem to better complement your workflow and needs.

If you are ready to explore accounting solutions for your organization, please contact us today to set up a meeting.