Expense Management Automation

Many businesses overlook a simple and affordable automation they can install for their business – configuring an expense reporting system. These systems can be used by your employees to collect and store receipts, automatically code them, track approvals, and quickly reimburse them for out-of-pocket expenses.  Or if you use a corporate credit card it can automatically sync the charges and match the receipts for you.  They cost only a few dollars a month – and best of all, if you don’t use the software, it could cost you nothing.  Finally, as software goes – it couldn’t be easier to set up and maintain.


  • Scan, Code and Store your receipts automatically – from anywhere
  • On-line payment approvals
  • No more paper to pass around the office and store
  • Low-cost to no-cost depending on usage
  • Easy to configure and maintain
  • Easily sync with your accounting system or ERP

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